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Do you love crystals? Whether you love Crystal Moon's magical herbal tea blends, Ceremonial Grade Cacao or have another favourite drink, you'll love these gorgeous Crystal infuser bottles.


Crystal Moon Emporium have these versatile Crystal drinks bottles in now. Which is your favourite Crystal: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Black Onyx and Red Jasper?


These have a separate compartment in the base which enables drinks to safely be Crystal infused with the indirect method. This also means you can take out the Crystals to change or cleanse safely.


There is a removable infuser which means herbal teas like Crystal Moon's Magical Tea Blends can be infused and enjoyed on the go. Did you know that many of our blends taste great when topped up for a 2nd brew? 


As you can take the infuser out, this means delicious Ceremonial Grade Cacao or other drinks can be Crystal infused on the go too. What drink would you have if you had one of these versatile bottles? This also comes with a cover too.


This bottle contains Amethyst chips, Amethyst is said to be great for tranquility, calm, inner peace, ideal for meditation.


*It is recommended to use the neoprene cover which comes with it, as glass can become hot to the touch.


Try Crystal Moon Emporium's Magical Tea Blends (more available in our shop) and Ceremonial Grade Cacao


Crystal Moon Emporium's shop is at 52 Frederick St. Sunderland. SR1 1NF

Crystal Glass Tea Infuser Amethyst

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