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This is a delicous magical herbal tea which has the aroma and treat like feel of chocolate.  "A hug in a mug" feel.

Connect with your Priestess energy, the Enchantress, re-enchant your life with snuggly, yummy, magical tea.


Add 2-3 grams in a tea strainer in hot water of an average sized mug, let this brew for 3-4 minutes depending upon taste.  You can even add milk or plant-based substitute if you desire.


Note this does contain caffeine, so if you are drinking Cacao, we recommend not drinking around the same time.  If you would like the full rich taste and benefits of our Ceremonial Grade Cacao, we have both Peruvian and Ecuadorian Ceremonial Grade Cacao which is ethically sourced, more than fair trade and have over 300 nutrients.


Priestess Kisses Magical Herbal Tea Blend

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