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* SOLD OUT* Visit Crystal Moon Emporium 52 Frederick St. Sunderland. SR1 1NF or email to order your handcrafted Witch Bells.


Traditionally Bells have been used for centuries to offer protection and bring blessings.


Handcrafted Witch Bells include an optional chant to say when using your Witch Bells. 


Add a "Touch of Magic" to your home, Sacred Space, Altar.


These Witch Bells have been lovingly handcrafted bells, charms on jute string, cord and leaf shaped ribbon, adorned with wire wrapped Amethyst and clear faux crystals.  A spiral cage with a piece of Amethyst and a cork topped purple glass spell jar complete with a mini piece of Amethyst and a blank scroll where you can write your own spell or wish also adorns these beautiful Witch Bells mobile on Willow.

Willow has often been favoured by Witches for it's magical and healing properties.

Amethyst is often used to bring protection and tranquil energies. 


More Witch Bells, Handcrafted Sacred items and many more gorgeous goodies available at Crystal Moon Emporium's shop, 52 Frederick Street, Sunderland. SR1 1NF


If you purchase these bells, you can choose delivery or collect from Crystal Moon Emporium's shop.


Many blessings

Witch Bells with Willow: Handcrafted

SKU: WB011
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