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Triquetra Adujstable Ribbon Wish Bracelet 


Triquetra is made up of 3 overlapping circles (part of Sacred Geometry's Borromean rings): Celtic Trinity Knot.  Representing sacred 3's including above, below, within; Triple Goddess Maiden, Mother, Crone and so on.


Colours may vary from photograph.  Ribbon colour will be chosen intuitively.  In a voile bag.


Place this bracelet upon your wrist, make a wish and when the knot releases your wish may come true.


If you require your bracelet to be larger than 8 inches or a specific colour, please PM our Facebook page with your enquiry (size to go over hand and can then be adjusted smaller or knots can be undone and retied if desired).

Triquetra Adjustable Wish Bracelet Ribbon

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