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This small Chakra Kit includes 7 Crystals in a small voile bag, 1 for each of the 7 main Chakras, we have included a suggested guide to Chakras, with suggestions to cleansing and connecting  with your Crystals, these all come with a rainbow/Chakra coloured clip on small bag which has pockets inside.



NB Crystals are a natural product and you will receive different ones from the image shown, we may also change crystals eg Tiger's Eye for Citrine.  These are small Crystals, if you would like larger tumble stones you can purchase from this website or pop into Crystal Moon Emporium at 52 Frederick St. Sunderland. SR1 1NF where we also have a wider selection of ethically sourced, hand selected Crystals, as well as many Chakra items.



Small Chakra Kit

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