Through the process to create Essential Oils comes the creation of Essential Waters. 

These infused floral waters can be used in many different ways, including: as a Facial spray for Toning or Cooling, used as an Aura spray, used for Rituals/Blessings, Room sprays, Meditation, Pillow sprays and can be added to other Skincare products, to name but a few.


Specially blended to create Serenity, this blend of Rose, Chamomile and Lavender Essential Waters have been Crystal Infused, whilst being Moon blessed.  Your Travel Size Serenity Spray comes to you in a handy plastic spray bottle, which is ideal for your pocket or bag, with a specially chosen crystal both inside the bottle to keep your Serenity spray crystal infused and a crystal in the voile bag.  


*Do not ingest, do not spray in eyes.


*If using as a skincare product use within 3 months, (as with all skincare products), *all products for skin should be skin tested 1st.


Enjoy, blessings

Serenity Spray Travel Size Enchanted Essential Water


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