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This handy small crystal kit contains:

10 small crystals in a voile bag, with a suggested Cleansing and Connection guide, along with mini leaflets for each crystal, brought to you with this pocket size clip on bag with pockets.


Crystals featured are:

Black Onyx

Blue Tiger's Eye

Dragon Stone

Epidote (Snowflake)

Guinea Fowl Jasper


Nguni Jasper

Red Wine Quartz

Rose Quartz



The handy Cleansing and Connection guide you will receive includes information about Crystals, along with suggested ways to cleanse, connect, charge/programme and use crystals.


As Crystals are natural, content will vary from the photo.  (We may change the Crystals from those featured)


Ideal to treat yourself or for someone special.

Perfect for Crystal Lovers.

and selected tumble stone.


If you are looking for different tumble stones, raw pieces, shapes or jewellery please pop in our shop at 52 Frederick Street, Sunderland. SR1 1NF where we have a wider selection available.


We have been hand selecting ethically sourced crystals for over 20 years from our trusted suppliers, we choose them with love for you


NB-Crystals are only to be used as a spiritual support and should not replace your regular healthcare.


If you would like to learn more about Crystals, including cleansing, choosing, connecting, using and more please check out our workshop at where we share many top tips, including why not all crystals can be put in water or salt 


We also offer Holistic sessions using Crystals, including balancing Chakras, Crystal Healing sessions and more visit to arrange your appointment

Mini Crystal Kit: 10 Crystals

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