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These beautiful Handfasting Cords have been lovingly made, blessed and cleansed.

Whether you are having a Handfasting for a year and a day or for life or "tying the knot" with a Wedding, a Handfasting Cord will "Bring A Touch Of Magic" to your special day. 


This special price of £22.45 is for a Handfasting Cord which I intuitively create, see below.


*NB - photo is a guide only, your Handfasting Cord will be created especially for you, I will journey to connect with the energy before creating bespoke Handfasting Cord. You will have a charm on each end of your cord, although charms and colours will/may vary from the photo.

A variety of materials can be used to create your cord, I often use ribbons, sometimes I use different cords or jute or leaf ribbons.  I use different colours according to the journey I have or the requests (if the request is made prior to ordering the Handfasting Cord, once ordered the process of connecting to the energy will begin, please ensure you contact prior if you require anything specific for your Handfasting Cord).  A charm will be added on each end, I will choose from a bell, Triquetra, Triple Moon, Pentacle or other charm, unless you have contacted prior to ordering.  I use 3 strands to create the cord which will be approximately 2 metres.  If you require additional strands or a specific length please contact prior to ordering to see if your needs can be accommodated.

*If you desire specific colours for your cord or specific charms, please pop into our shop to order or email before placing your order to discuss if your needs can be met, Crystals and more charms can also be added at an extra cost .

As these will be created in sacred space, lovingly made and cleansed, please allow up to 28 days to arrive with you.


Comes in a voile bag which you can use to store your Handfasting cord following your special day.


Add a "Touch of Magic" to your special day.


We also hold workshops where you can create your own Handfasting cord.  


If you like to contact to discuss having a bespoke handcrafted Handfasting Cord created with specific colours, please see below for our suggested colours and their meanings:


Handfasting Cord Colours:

There are many different colour options to choose from, each represents a different energy which you may wish to connect with, feel into which is symbolic for you.  Alternatively, you may already have colours in mind and may wish to see what the colours signify.


Red: passion, love, union, vitality, desire.  Connecting with life force energy: blood.  

Element: Fire.  Chakra: Root


Orange: warmth, energy, cheerfulness, playfulness, enthusiasm, attraction, energy.

Chakra: Sacral


Yellow: warmth, sunshine energy, joy, happiness, intellect, balance, harmony, hope. 

Element: Air.  Chakra: Solar Plexus


Green: luck, fertility, growth, abundance, nourishment, healing, new beginnings. 

Element: Earth.  Chakra: Heart (lower)


Blue:  calming, soothing, tranquillity, peace, fidelity, longevity, purity, harmony. 

Element: Water.  Chakra: Throat


Purple: spirituality, wisdom, healing, respect, loyalty, power, wealth, royalty.

Chakra: 3rd Eye


Violet: spirituality, faithfulness, wisdom, sensitivity, mystery, healing, remembrance, ceremony.

Chakra: Crown


Pink: love, romance, healing, happiness, unity, truth, eternity.

Chakra: Higher Heart


White: purity, truth, peace, concentration, serenity, new beginnings.


Black: wisdom, protection, vision, can withstand the shadows, strength, success.


Silver: wisdom, vision, creativity, inspiration, feminine, calming, soothing.

Connection: Moon


Gold: affluence, wealth, success, prosperity, unity, joy, happiness.

Connection: Sun


Brown: grounding, home, warmth, security, wholesomeness, strength, reliability

Connection: Mother Earth, Nature


Grey: neutral, bringing balance, can weather the storms


Peach: playfulness, vitality, sweetness, encouragement, friendship.


More Handfasting Cords, Witch Bells, Handcrafted Sacred items and many more gorgeous goodies available at Crystal Moon Emporium's shop, 52 Frederick Street, Sunderland. SR1 1NF


If you purchase a Handfasting Cord, you can choose delivery or collect from Crystal Moon Emporium's shop.


Many blessings

Handfasting Cord: Handcrafted & Intuitively Created Especially For You

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