We are over the moon to announce that we now stock smaller packs of Ceremonial Grade Cacao (as requested), we now have 50 gram and 100 gram packs.


This is a 50 gram pack of Ceremonial Grade Cacao.


With over 300 nutrients and 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries, containing what's known as the "bliss molecule" this really loves up to the nicknames it has been known by: "Food of the Gods", "Drink of the Gods" and "Heart Medicine". 


We also have single jar servings for those who would like to try, as well as 500gram large blocks available for those who looooove Cacao.


Single Serving click here

100gram Pack click here

500gram Block of Ceremonial Grade Cacao click here


If you really love Cacao you may love our Cacao Club where you receive a 500 gram block each month and a specially chosen gift.


Click here for Crystal Moon's Cacao Club


We will also be announcing our Cacao Circle which is our online monthly Cacao circle, with access to videos, printable downloadable Cacao journal and so much more.

Keep up to date here with our Cacao Ceremonies and our monthly Cacao Circle Subscription on our Facebook page, click here


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*Check with your GP if you have a heart condition, taking anti-depressants or are pregnant.  As this contains Seretonin.

Ceremonial Grade Cacao 50 grams


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