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This is a  space where all aspects of you are celebrated and loved.     

For too long have we deemed parts of our self as 'weak' or a 'curse', now is the time to embrace, nurture and nourish all of you with no apologies.  See the beauty in all aspects of you and bring beauty to it. 


Explore ways to use all of your qualities as your 'strengths' and 'gifts'. 

This is a safe space to explore yourself and different tools, to see what sparks that inner warrior!  

We are all human, we all experience life in different ways, yet bonded through the heavy and light that we experience. 


Let's raise one another up, see the beauty in one another, be our authentic selves with no apologies whilst doing harm to none.  If you feel the same, then this space is here for you.

I am firm believer in tapping into the body's innate natural ability to heal.     You have the power to do this!   You have the be ability to  be your true authentic self and embrace your inner warrior.    I believe this is achieved  through Holistic Wellbeing, looking after our body, mind and soul/spirit, through creative natural ways as much as possible.     I very much believe in the power of self, sometimes we need an extra hand,  however we each individually have the  power to explore ourselves.   Every other person, lesson and opportunity serves as seed planting,  it is up to us as an individual to nourish and nurture those seeds.  We alone have that power!

I very much believe in taking care of our:

Physical Wellbeing- taking care of  our physical body vessel

Emotional Wellbeing- taking care of our needs and emotions

Spiritual Wellbeing- having belief in oneself (such as self-worth, self-esteem, self-love) and belief in the greater (such as nature,  the universe,  love)

Crystal Moon's Warrior Toolkit (online subscription)  is here to help you nurture your seeds to healing.  This is something that I've been growing and creating through my own experiences of health, worldly travel and lessons since 2015, and from my early teachings on Estoterics as a child from my parents.    It serves as a safe environment for you to explore what resonates  and works for you, and what doesn't resonate and has no  help.   Each are both vital lessons and necessary experiences to understand the self.    

An investment of £7 per month allows you access to the exclusive Subscriber's Facebook Group for Crystal Moon's Warrior Toolkit.  Here you will have access to all the features described above and more.  All from the comfort of anywhere and anytime you need it.  From the comfort of your own home, explore yourself and be uplifted by the Community while you nurture your Inner Warrior.

This a safe, loving, none judgmental, soul  family community.  What I mean by that is we are each walking our own path, how we get about to the destination of Self is each individual to the being, there can be no judgement on another.  We may not have come from the same blood family, but we each are the same specie- human, we are bonded through this amazing Earthly experience.  Let's raise each other up and see the beauty in every part of an individual.


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I don't claim to know everything, what I share in this group are experiences I've had from world travels and learning, life experiences, professional experiences and what has worked for me in my life.  We are always experiencing life, I am a firm believer we are guided through tough or gentle love, but always love nevertheless.  It's all a lesson and delving into one's soul experience.  I don't claim to be anything, I guess there's many labels you could assign to me, all I know is I'm a human being exploring the world through a Spiritual way.  I don't claim to have it all together or have the gospel truth, all I have is my truth and my authenticity; I am forever growing myself and finding new ways to deal with the lessons life brings.  

I have personally found that the following perspectives have helped me develop and grow my own truth:

* Shamanism

* Metaphysics

* Esoterics (Paganism/Nature based etc.)

* Psychology

* Anthropology (Medical)

* Plant Medicine 

* Holistic Therapies

* Quantum Physics

* General Sciences

In Crystal Moon's Warrior Toolkit Facebook Community I blend these worlds together to help plant seeds for you and given guidance on what has served me to nourish and grow these seeds.  This is a safe, loving, respectful community to explore yourself and figure out what is effective and ineffective for you; both are vital lessons.

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