About Bex

Bex Lapping is initiated on the Q’ero Shamanic lineage and is a qualified Shamanic Practitioner, she is also a qualified Holistic Therapist.  She has traveled the across world to help her own Wellbeing and to help heal others.         In 2017, after graduating her Psychology degree, she traveled to India to study Holistic Psychology, including Yoga, Meditation, Chakra Healing and Mindfulness, at the National Institute for Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) and the Dalai Lama’s School of Ancient Wisdom.   After, Bex’ world travels took her to the Mountains in Mallorca where she sat with Ayahuasca; after drinking with Ayahuasca she finally answered her calling to initiate herself on the Shamanic path.  Bex is currently completing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and Parapsychology.